A Note from Josef Krebs

Scandiuzzi Krebs is a team of outstanding professionals who share key values and have a great depth of experience working within the arts and culture field. We offer a wide range of services to help arts and culture nonprofits thrive and look to the future with joy, no matter where you are in your journey. 

Carlo Scandiuzzi and I first met when he hired me to serve as head of development of ACT Theatre in 2008. ACT entered the Great Recession with about $3 million in interest bearing debt on an annual budget of about $5 million. Thrown into the fire together, Carlo and I quickly discovered we shared a set of core values that drive our work in the nonprofit arts world. 

These values are love and empowerment. We believe:

1. Love is the engine that drives all arts work. This manifests as a desire to communicate with other humans, to understand them, to value them, their experiences and feelings and dreams, and to care for them.

2. The most effective way to lead is to empower the people you work with to achieve their very best. This means equipping people with clear and simple ideas and strategies that are effective without being restrictive, while nurturing them to unlock their unique talents and styles.

While other theatres collapsed or cut back through the Great Recession, ACT accomplished something remarkable: we grew. Revenues reached all-time highs as our audience and donor base expanded. We invested more in artists and helped them reach new audiences, all of which fed back into ACT.

Now it’s our joint mission to help other artists and arts organizations discover the success that comes from putting the values of love and empowerment first.

We’ve worked with more than two dozen clients in our first three years. Drop us a line at [email protected] and see how we can help you.

Very truly yours,

Josef Krebs