Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)

Scandiuzzi Krebs is excited to help you determine the best strategy for taking advantage of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and other COVID-related aid programs. Our experts have more than 150 years of combined experience maximizing contracts and funding streams, and we are ready to use this experience to benefit you. We can help you determine which program or combination of programs get the most assistance to your organization.

We’ve had some questions specifically about eligibility for Supported Living Agencies. Here’s a video with top-rated tax attorney Lewis Horowitz discussing eligibility for these organizations.

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What Supported Living Agencies need to know about the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Program Manager, CaraLee Cook and Tax Attorney, Lewis Horowitz in conversation.

More frequently asked questions for other organizations

Q: I think I might be eligible for the ERTC, how can I know for sure?

A: Our analysts are experts in the law and the IRS bulletins. We will walk through your eligibility as part of our free initial consultation. We have established consulting relationships with a tax attorney and a CPA. Our simple consultation with them is included in your price.

Q: We did not have a loss in revenue due to COVID, are we still eligible for ERTC?

A: If you experienced a disruption in operations, you are likely still eligible for ERTC. IRS Bulletin 2021-20 says:

Government Order Partially or Fully Suspending Operations: A Business Generally Qualifies During Any Period In Which Its Operations Are Fully Or Partially Suspended by a government order due to COVID-19. In Notice 2021-20, the IRS clarified that a partial suspension could result from a government-ordered modification that “has more than a nominal effect on business operations under the facts and circumstances.” The IRS also provided a safe harbor for satisfaction of this test based on facts and circumstances: “A governmental order that results in a reduction in an employer’s ability to provide goods or services in the normal course of the employer’s business of not less than 10 percent will be deemed to have more than a nominal effect on the employer’s business operations.”

Let our analysts examine your circumstances and help you determine eligibility. We are conservative to protect you, but we won’t leave any eligible funding on the table. We will be beside you if there is a question from the IRS and our fees are guaranteed refundable.

Q: Can I take the Employee Retention Credit if I took a PPP loan?

A: Yes. Many of our clients have obtained PPP loans and are still eligible for ERTC returns. We will help you strategize accessing multiple programs without breaking any rules.

Q: Are owner wages eligible for the credit?

A: Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The IRS opinion is convoluted. We have analyzed these rules with our tax attorney and can help you determine how and when owner wages are eligible.

Q: Is there a time limit to file for the return?

A: Yes! There are strict deadlines for filing. Returns are in the tens of thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars. Contact us now to ensure you are not left out.

Q: What will all of this cost?

A: While others are charging as much as 15% of your return, SK will provide you with an inclusive quote that takes into consideration the size of your entity as well as how many programs you will need our help obtaining. Our fee will never exceed 10% of your return, and most are far less.

"We are a nonprofit supported living agency. We did not know about the Employee Retention Tax Credit until CaraLee Cook gave us a call. She was able to show us how our services were partially suspended by the governor’s orders- we could not meet our community integration contract requirements for one thing, and there were many more ways in which our services were partially suspended. CaraLee walked us through the ERTC process and made it simple for us. We provided a few documents that we already have on hand. The initial estimate for our return was $1.28 million dollars, but the SK team consulted with their CPA and were able to stretch our return to $2 million dollars with no increase in their fee amount! SK staff were wonderful to work with. I could not recommend CaraLee and SK more highly." –Tammy Baldwin, Camelot Society, Auburn WA

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From the Arts Community:

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