Strategic Planning Services

A Strategic Plan gives you a clear sense of purpose and direction, then broadcasts it to your community. It will successfully: outline your mission, vision and values; identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to grow; lay out your objectives and the tactics you will use to achieve them; and determine a clear system for evaluation and funding.

A great Strategic Plan is a document that is easy to use and refer to, and is flexible enough to be updated as you progress. Although many organizations do their Strategic Planning only once every 3-5 years, we coach our clients to see Strategic Planning as an ongoing process that brings Board, Staff, and key stakeholders closer together by aligning their aspirations for the organization.

Key strategic planning services we can help with include:
Organizational & Development Assessments

Whether you’re launching a new strategic plan or fundraising initiative, struggling to meet your fundraising goals, or simply wondering if you’re missing opportunities, an organizational assessment can help position you for greater success. In partnership with your staff, board and community, we will identify strengths and weaknesses, then deliver realistic recommendations for growth and improvement.

Strategic Planning Processes

Need a clear direction? Scandiuzzi Krebs has experience creating and executing dozens of strategic plans. We know how all the interlocking parts of an organization work, from the volunteers all the way up to the President’s desk, since we’ve served in all those roles ourselves. More than that: we believe the planning process itself is a powerful tool to align an organization around a compelling vision, and we know how to get the most out of your people and conversations.