Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations are on a journey. As experienced arts and cultural professionals, we understand—we’ve been there ourselves—and we can help you find the way forward. 

We come from diverse backgrounds in the arts, fundraising, program administration, executive leadership and more. Empowered to work with clients who share similar interests and passions, our work forges authentic partnerships that generate results. We can be in it with you for the long haul or jump in and help with short-term challenges.


Learn to Fundraise
Scandiuzzi Krebs brings more than a century of fundraising experience and an engaging, creative style to developing our clients’ fundraising skills. We help you learn to love raising money your way, in your voice, with your stories. You have everything it takes to become a skilled and joyful fundraiser. We’ll teach you the theory and practices you need to succeed, and we’ll coach and support you as you develop your skills.


Next Level Fundraising Strategy
Is it time to grow? Scandiuzzi Krebs has deep experience in many contexts helping organizations enhance their revenues. From growing new support bases to creating inspiring and effective major gifts strategies, Scandiuzzi Krebs can be your crucial partner and guide to revenue growth.


Funder Relations & Proposal Development
Need help with grants? The Scandiuzzi Krebs team has outstanding grant research and writing skills. We’ve had success with every type of funder you can imagine, from small community foundation grants to complex multi-stage proposals and even funding that involves legislative action. An investment in grant support is an easy way to let the experts take care of you and discover more funding than you ever knew was out there. 


Data Management
Data management is the cornerstone of all good development work. Who gave to you when and why? Who hasn’t given in the last year? Who has increased their giving significantly? Where should you spend your most important asset, your time? Good data management provides answers to these important questions. Scandiuzzi Krebs has the expertise to track your data for you or devise new strategies for leveraging your data so you’re always ready to make you next important ask.


Develop and Execute a Large Campaign
Time to build something to last forever? Scandiuzzi Krebs has extensive experience preparing for, designing and executing capital and other special campaigns. We know how a major campaign can transform an organization and how to navigate the tricky lengths of the path to completion.

Leadership & Governance

Start Up Your Nonprofit
Are you at the very beginning of your nonprofit journey? Scandiuzzi Krebs knows how to create nonprofits from the ground up. From incorporation, bylaws and your first board meeting to your first staff, audiences, and donors, we can help you do it right from your first step. 


Build Your Board
Scandiuzzi Krebs has a particular specialty in board governance. We know what board members want and need to succeed, because we’ve been successful board leaders. We have served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and chairs of Finance, Development, Governance, Marketing and Investment committees on boards from startup to 100 years old. We know boards from the inside out, and can help you take yours to the next level. 


Interim & Transitional Leadership
Leadership transitions can be challenging, but the show must go on. One of our experienced team members can serve as your interim executive or development director. We’ll take the pressure off your search process, so you have the time and space to hire the right next leader without compromising operations or losing ground on your fundraising progress. 


The strength of your team determines your success. We earned our stripes as fundraisers and leaders in the field, and we know what it takes to do this work. We can help you recruit skilled professionals who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Let us help you find your next artistic, executive or development director and build your best team. 


Working with one of our expert consultants as a coach is a productive and affordable option for fundraisers, executives, and board members who want to develop your leadership and grow your skills. We can help you see around corners and be your sounding board, strategist, and subject matter expert.

Strategy & Impact

Program Development
Your programs are the heart of your work. We work in partnership with your staff to determine when and how to scale up, reroute, maneuver the unexpected, and maximize your time and resources.


Organizational & Development Assessments
If you’re launching a new strategic plan or fundraising initiative, struggling to meet your fundraising goals, or simply wondering if you’re missing opportunities, an assessment can help position you for greater success. In partnership with your staff, board and community, we will identify strengths and weaknesses and deliver realistic recommendations for growth and improvement that are right-sized to your human and financial resources.


Retreat and Facilitation 
Smart teams make time to think and plan together. Our consultants know how to create the right environment and ask the right questions to get the best input from your group. We also record and compile the thoughts shared and plans developed so you can participate in the moment with your full self.


Strategic Planning
Need a clear direction? Scandiuzzi Krebs has experience creating and executing dozens of strategic plans. We know how all the interlocking parts of an organization work, from the volunteers all the way up to the President’s desk, since we’ve served in all those roles ourselves. More than that: we believe the planning process itself is a powerful tool to align an organization around a compelling vision, and we know how to get the most out of your people and conversations. Finally, we believe the best plans are short and actionable, with clear waypoints you can use to see if you’re on track.