Our Team

Megan Ahiers


I’ve been involved in the performing arts my whole life and became an administrator of the arts in my early 20’s. My passion for supporting artists developed into leadership in the Seattle theater community as the Operations Director of The 14/48 Projects, a not-for-profit theater event company which produces theater in Washington, California, Texas, and England and has won the people’s choice award for Theatre of the Year in Seattle. I love that I’ve been able to spend my time bringing artists and community together to collaborate for almost 20 years. This ability to support and help community organizations thrive is what led me to working with Scandiuzzi Krebs. I believe in our intentions to help strengthen our cultural and artistic community and love the chance to continue to help local organizations find success.


Kayti Barnett-O’Brien


I have worked in the performing arts for over 20 years and in non-profit arts leadership and management roles for 15. I studied theater for my undergraduate degree and hold a masters in non-profit arts leadership. I love arts and culture organizations and the vitality, connections, and identity they foster in our community. I joined SK because great support at critical times in the life of an organization is foundational to future sustainability and success. Through my work in interim leadership support, leadership searches, board development, and change management, I help organizations navigate those challenging moments so they can continue their great work stronger than before.


CaraLee Cook


For over 30 years, I’ve spearheaded all aspects of nonprofit development including collegial board relations, finance wizardry, victorious lobbying, nurturing staff talent, building and operating campaigns, and managing highly regarded programs. I’ve served as chairperson, contract negotiator, facilitator and lead research analyst for community organizations and state associations. I love working with SK because our clients do amazing things. I love to hear their stories and the impacts they have on our world. Having the right person in the right role is critical, and the synthesis of great people, great ideas, and bold actions move the world. At SK, I bring my skills in organizational development (MPA, UW Dan Evans School), and my talent for squeezing bucks and finding hidden treasure in even the most stringent budgets to help nonprofits become everything they intend to be.


Billy Farrell


I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector for over a decade, holding various roles ranging from frontline caseworker to Executive Director. My experience in community organizing, organizational development, and strategic planning, as well as my passion for demystifying finance and accounting, led me to obtain an M.P.A., specializing in Public Finance from the University of Washington’s Daniel J Evans School. I found my way to SK because I saw a team of dedicated folks who are passionate about helping organizations find their recipe for success. I want to live in a world where organizations and community leaders have the tools to actualize their dreams. I support those leaders by providing guidance on executive management, executive search, finance, and compliance.


Andrew Lee Creech


Andrew is an award-winning playwright, performer, and content creator with 15+ years of storytelling experience. Over the past two years, he has focused his time and talent on social media, building an online community of over 90,000 across multiple platforms, where he is known for his hit short video series, Breaking News!. Andrew uses the power of storytelling and humor to foster empathy, dialog, and healing. He’s passionate about equity and representation in the American Theatre, as well as the humanity of artists. Andrew holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts.


Kaleb Germinaro


I’ve studied education and learning for spatial justice as I’ve pursued my PhD. Through this, I’ve had the opportunity to explore my passion for arts and culture based visioning work around cultivating belonging. I found my way to SK because I believe in supporting folks who are doing the work around spatial justice and allowing for more equitable learning and educational programming. Abolition followed by collective liberation is my vision for the kind of world I want to live in. I enjoy working with nonprofits that help my community work towards the world I’d like to see, one that I’m doing collaboratively through grant writing and strategic thinking.


Leah Rachel Gipson


I have 15 years of professional and grassroots organizing experience with youth program development, anti-violence work focused on gender, race, incarceration, and a range of mental health services. I found my way to SK because I believe in building capacity for organizations that work toward justice, equity and freedom. I enjoy working with nonprofits that help communities of color to thrive, and I do that through grant writing.


Anamaria Guerzon


I am an intersectional storyteller, with roots in playwriting, acting, and music. I’ve been involved and acquainted with the Seattle Theatre Scene, as well as non profit work, since I was a teenager– but officially began working after graduating from Pacific Lutheran University with a BA in Theatre. I’ve worked with The Playwright’s Realm, and Village’s Northwest Creator’s Residency. My work seeks to explore humanness, with an emphasis on marginalization within hierarchy, and the legacy of ongoing colonization, with the goal of generating community healing, and larger empathy. I believe in the power of specificity, and extend this belief to all of my work, in the arts and elsewhere. I’m excited to be a part of the team for Scandiuzzi Krebs!


Tracy Hyland


I joined SK with a broad range of non-profit experience, which began in the performing arts. My career includes performing on stage and screen across the country, teaching, writing, program management, educational curriculum development, fundraising, public speaking, and facilitation. I received my MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. While developing and managing community engagement programs at ACT Theatre, I became enamored with the incredible network of nonprofit leaders and organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Many of these are SK clients. It is an honor to support work that is deeply rooted in community and authentically responding to shared desires for collective health, joy, and justice.


Aaron Jin

any pronouns

As a marketer, I focus on telling your authentic story and connecting you with your people. I love helping busy people make the most of the time, energy, and resources they have. Most notably, I worked with Sound Theatre Company in their transition to a professionalized company and with creative agency All is Well as production coordinator and filmmaker. My leadership philosophy is grounded in emergent strategy and fractals: that change in the community must start with change in the way we work with the people next to us. I am an alumnus of artEquity’s national facilitator training and BIPOC Leadership Circle and currently serve as board secretary for Artist Trust.


Keri Kellerman


I’ve been a cultural worker for almost 30 years at a whole rainbow of arts and culture organizations in Seattle, Minneapolis, and the Bay Area. I found my way to SK through an amazing web of people who share my values and bring me joy. Through my work, I strive to conjure brave, loving, and energetically aligned spaces for necessary, generative conversations. As a queer, trans and nonbinary human, I also love to disrupt a binary and make room for complexity, abundance, and difference. My specialties include executive search, interim management, strategy, board development, and community-centered resource development, and my vibe is highly competent camp. I’m honored to work with this incredible team of humans and with so many brilliant artists and culture bearers to build joyful, thriving communities.


Josef Krebs


Before launching Scandiuzzi Krebs, Josef served in strategic leadership roles at top arts and human services organizations for 18 years, including Actors Theatre of Louisville, ACT Theatre, Intiman Theatre, Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra and Banchero Disability Partners. He’s taught fundraising communications theory as a guest at the University of Washington and the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communications, helped lead political activism for 4Culture, and currently serves on the board of the Pride Foundation.


Nicole Miller


I am an experienced trainer, facilitator and consultant. My focus and expertise are in racial equity, access, and belonging. I have worked with families impacted by the child welfare and juvenile justice system for over 27 years and have a passion for advocating for community wellbeing. The majority of my career has been spent in local and state government which has allowed me to understand the profound impact our systems have on people of color, the LGBTQAI+ community and people with disabilities. I work tirelessly to dismantle these systems of oppression in hopes that everyone will experience a sense of belonging. I am also a proud mother of three amazing humans and have the honor to serve on the board of both Olympia Family Theater and Nova Middle School in Olympia, Wa.


Hillary Moore


I am arriving at SK with 22 years of experience working in nonprofits dedicated to equitable education, arts & culture, and youth development. I’m also a working artist and illustrator. I create paintings, illustrations, and patterns inspired by a sense of wonder and whimsy. I grew up in Seattle and identified as an artist from the time I could hold a crayon. In college and grad school I studied Studio Art, Environmental Education, and Curriculum & Instruction, all of which led me to nonprofit administration in the Seattle area. I have experience managing and directing programs, but for the past 5 years I’ve been digging into grant writing and learning about local and national funding landscapes. Leading with my values of curiosity, compassion, and creativity, I aim to reduce barriers to funding and lift up organizations who are committed to advancing equity, wellness, and creativity in our communities.


Lily Raabe


I’ve worked as a community-centered artist for over two decades, with a focus on storytelling, group facilitation, devised theater, and arts education. In that time, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, earned my M.A. in Educational Theater from NYU, and raised millions of dollars for cultural work. Most recently, I accepted the role of Artistic Director at Olympia Family Theater. I joined SK in 2017 because of our shared values: the clients I work with are brilliant leaders who value integrity, community, and work diligently to use the arts as a conduit for social change. It’s an honor to use my expertise in storytelling, fundraising, and community-building to work with some of Seattle’s most inspiring organizations.


Allison Rabbitt


Learn, have fun, make a positive difference–while also making a living! Those are the simple goals that inspired my career in Development over 22 years ago and keep me going today. Throughout that time, I’ve found success with many organizations by focusing on building communities of support. I revitalized the patron program at the Henry Art Gallery. And as Director of Development with Seattle Opera, I led the team of staff and volunteers that completed the $28.5M capital campaign for the Opera Center. I love working with organizations who are ready to level up their activity, who want to invest in the people and relationships that give life to their missions and visions, who are ready to dig in and do something big. Size is relative and goals can be scaled. I joined SK because it’s a firm that is grounded in love, equity, transparency, and authentically finding solutions with their clients. I want to be part of the revolution of change that organizations in this region are generating, and I do that through consulting, capital campaigns, annual campaigns, individual giving programs, events, and interim management.


Carlo Scandiuzzi


I’ve got 40 years of experience as a philanthropist, executive, board member, and community leader. In that time, I’ve founded the companies Clear Pictures, IndieFlix, and Modern Productions (Showbox, 1978-1981), shaping Seattle’s legendary music scene, and led ACT Theatre through a successful turnaround as Executive Director, fully activating a landmark building and generating a new hub of the creative community. I Co-founded SK with Josef because I wanted to provide my expertise in Not For Profit and Art Management to empower through love organizations that are changing the world.


Carrie Siahpush


I love arts and culture organizations. Artists create culture, and we lift as we climb. I’ve been a leader in the nonprofit industry for over 15 years. My first career was as a special FX makeup artist where I worked closely with designers, theatre groups, filmmakers, and in the fashion world to develop beautiful, complex, and scary creations. After becoming a mom, I transitioned to the nonprofit world where I worked supporting youth in the foster care system. I believe in listening deeply to learn and making intentional decisions that lead to a more equitable world, and I see those same values lived every day at Scandiuzzi Krebs. I have a deep curiosity about shared leadership models and am passionate about helping organizations and their leaders to develop structures, policies, and community-centered fundraising models that reflect the values of the organization. I’m an expert at event design and development, and love to throw a good party for a good cause. I’m honored to support organizations that are rooted in the community and uplift the voices of artists.


Sam Stewart


My journey to Scandiuzzi Krebs has been driven by a passion for both technology and the arts. While my academic background is firmly planted in the technical realm, I have always been drawn to the transformative power of the arts within communities, and look to contribute meaningfully to organizations that are leveraging the arts as a catalyst for social change and community empowerment. At SK, I am eager to dive into the intricacies of nonprofit data management to aid in fundraising efforts while also enhancing the reach and effectiveness of artistic endeavors.


Kasumi Yamashita


I’m a cultural anthropologist who works at the intersection of arts, history, and education. For decades, I’ve supported immigrant and diasporic communities from Asia and the Americas in sharing their stories and preserving their cultural heritage. My passion for ethnographic research, languages, and teaching informs my grant writing. At SK, I enjoy collaborating with grassroots organizations. I help articulate their vision so they can secure the funding they need to develop creative, engaging, and accessible programming for their communities. Arts and culture organizations are at the core of community-building. It’s meaningful for me to work with people who are the catalysts for the positive change we want to see in the world.