Interim & Transition Management Services

At some point, even the most beloved and talented employees need to move on. Periods of transition are challenging, but they can also be incredible opportunities to bring new talent and fresh ideas into your organization. If you’re lucky enough to have a strong succession plan, congratulations! However, if you’re like many folks, you might be faced with the challenge of conducting an executive search while covering for the duties of a key leader within your organization. This is where Scandiuzzi Krebs can step in.

Key interim management services we can help with include:
Interim & Transitional Leadership

Leadership transitions can be challenging, but the show must go on. One of our experienced team members can serve as your interim executive or development director. We’ll take the pressure off your search process, so you have the time and space to hire the right next leader without compromising operations or losing ground on your fundraising progress.

Leadership Search

The strength of your team determines your success. We earned our stripes as fundraisers and leaders in the field, and we know what it takes to do this work. We can help you recruit skilled professionals who can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Let us help you find your next artistic, executive or development director and build your best team.