Congratulations to our 2023 grant Recipients!

Ayeko Farm

Our mission is to create space for BIPOC communities to reconnect with the land and to our cultures through food and farming. We do this by growing culturally important food, hosting educational programs and workshops, holding cultural arts events and healing retreats, and by replanting native forests and pollinator plants. Our vision is a world where all beings are treated with respect and care and we as humans are in right relationship with our non human siblings on this planet. We believe the way we care for the land and waters, the way we grow food, the way we celebrate with and honor each other, are important practices to move us closer to this vision.


We are an arts organization in Seattle. El Sueño meaning "the dream," is named for the collective pursuit of the American dream. We use art as a way to uplift people of color and serve our region through arts engagement specifically designed to empower marginalized communities. We use our resources and our art as a weapon against systems of oppression to bring el sueño (the dream) to life.

The Queens Project

The Queens Project's mission is to elevate People Of Color through experiences that support their healing, creativity, & becoming.

Rainier Avenue Radio

Rainier Avenue Radio Is YOUR South Seattle community radio station and digital media hub. We are proud to serve Seattle and surrounding communities with opportunities to engage with critical issues, compelling stories and quality entertainment. You'll hear a range of music; sports; regional traffic; local & national news; happenings around greater Seattle; and talk shows including political, current events, diverse languages, and children's programming created BY members of our communities…and we'll continue to broadcast "live" FROM our communities.

Seda Iranian Theatre Ensemble

Seda Iranian Theatre Ensemble was founded in 2019 as the first Iranian theatre company in Seattle, USA. We named our ensemble Seda – which means ‘voice’ in Persian – because we believe that every human has a voice, and every voice deserves to be heard. We chose the name Seda as we aim to create an opportunity for refugees and immigrants whose voice cannot be heard. In a world where the powerful majority controls the mainstream media and is the dominating voice, theatre is an incredible place to be seen and heard. Theatre is created out of nothing: all it takes is a viewer and a performer. The stage could be a house, a performance hall, an alley, or an abandoned warehouse. At Seda Theatre, we want to amplify and give voice to the issues and stories of immigrants by creating work on stage and through imagination and art. We will teach and learn. Seda is home to all immigrants with a “voice”. Be Seda’s voice!

Windz of Change Alliance

We aim to expand how we activate spaces and places for Native people. Our welcoming and inclusive events will include powwows, Coastal Days, veterans’ ceremonies, parade groups, canoe mini-journeys, and art exhibits in places such as Victor Steinbrueck Park and Camp Long. Cross-cultural exchange and relationship building are key priorities. We continually work to address the invisibility of Native peoples by giving them opportunities to strengthen their identity, cultural knowledge, and leadership skills while also fostering engagement between Native and non-Native youth, adults, families, and leaders.


Scandiuzzi Krebs is pleased to provide general operating support to culture and community building organizations based in Washington State that have an annual operating budget of under $250,000.

Grant Amount: $2,500
Number of Grants: 6
Open Application Period: 6/18/2023 – 8/14/2023


2024 grant cycle applications will open next summer. Please check back for more information.


Am I eligible?

We accept applications from both non-profit and fiscally-sponsored organizations that have an annual operating budget of under $250,000.

How do you decide who gets a grant?

Our funding decisions will prioritize Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) – led and serving organizations and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to racial justice work. (For more information on what that might look like for your org, visit this website). We welcome applications from newer organizations, wherever you are in your journey.

I’ve already received an award, can I apply again?

If you have received an award from SK in the past 2 years (2021 or 2022), we ask that you refrain from applying to give other organizations more opportunity.

When will I hear back about my application?

We will notify you as to the status of your application by mid-September. Should you have questions about eligibility or the application process, please feel encouraged to reach out to Megan Ahiers ([email protected]).