Scandiuzzi Krebs is pleased to provide general operating support to small culture and community building organizations that are committed to racial justice work. Our funding decisions will prioritize Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-led and serving organizations.

Applications are open July 14 to August 21 2022

NOTE: When you start your application, it must be submitted in full. We recommend that you copy and paste the questions into a separate document, work on your draft, and then submit the application.

We welcome applications from non-profit and fiscally-sponsored organizations that are based in Washington State, have an annual operating budget of under $500,000, and demonstrate a commitment to racial justice work. 

Grants will range from $2,500-$5,000. The open application period is from July 14 – August 21, 2022. We will notify you as to the status of your application by mid-September. Should you have questions about eligibility or the application process, please feel encouraged to reach out to Megan Ahiers (

Thank you for taking the time to share a little bit about who you are and for doing the work that you do.




  1. What is your organization’s name?
  2. What is your organization’s mission and/ or vision?
  3. What year was your organization founded?
  4. What is your organization’s mailing address?
  5. What is your organization’s website?
  6. What is your organization’s annual budget?
  7. What is your organization EIN / Tax ID #? (If fiscally sponsored, list your EIN, and list your fiscal sponsor.)
  8. Would you like to opt-in to the Scandiuzzi Krebs email list to get updates and news from us? 


  1. Who leads your organization?
  2. What is the best contact person’s email address and phone number? (If we have clarifying questions, we may reach out to this person to have a brief conversation.)
  3. Who carries out the work of your organization? (do you have full or part-time staff, are you volunteer-run, do you have contractors?) 

Short Answer Questions

  1. What do you do? How does your work benefit your community? (suggested 100-200 words)
  2. How does your organization prioritize racial justice and equity? What are some examples of how your organization contributes to racial justice and equity? (suggested 100-200 words)
  3. Is there anything else you would like to share to help us better understand you and your work? (suggested 100-200 words)


Recommended, but not mandatory, documents to upload include:

  • IRS determination letter (if fiscally sponsored, letter from fiscal sponsor)
  • 2021 budget (If you have one. If you don’t have one, don’t worry)
  • 2021 budget (If you don’t have one, seriously, don’t worry)
  • List of staff and board members